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Patch Notes - 7/15

Hello, everyone!

In this update, the new paid hero [Tao], and the new game mode [Reincarnation] is now available. Besides, we brought 5 new weapons, 7 new occult scrolls and new random routes as well. Hope you will like these new stuffs. We also made some balances on scroll effects and scroll qualities, reduced the difficulty of Daily Challenge for lower level players, and fixed several bugs in game.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues during the game, you could use the feedback function in game to tell us. We will investigate the issue as soon as possible, and make the game better. Have fun in Gunfire Reborn!

----Gunfire Studio



·New Paid Hero [Tao]

Primary Skill - Swords Out

Unsheathe multiple flying swords, each dealing 200 DMG. The number of flying swords is determined by the stacks of [Blade Heart]. Each stack can summon 3 flying swords. For every 15 ammo consumed, gain 1 stack of [Blade Heart] (up to 6 stacks)


Secondary Skill - Fatal Bloom

Summon petals in the front that explode outwards, marking all enemies within 6 meters and dealing 400 DMG. The mark lasts for 6 seconds. [Fatal Bloom] deals DMG to a marked enemy again every time you hit it 12 times


Exclusive Talents

1.Blade in Heart: +5% [Swords Out] DMG for every [Blade Heart] you have

2.Galloping Speed: For each enemy you kill, +10% movement speed for 8s (up to 5 stacks)

3.Long-lasting Bloom: Restore 1 use for every 5 enemies marked by [Fatal Bloom]

4.Superior Magazine: +30% Magazine Capacity and Reload Speed

5.Resilient Shield:Recharge shield immediately after killing an enemy, and shield recharge won't be interrupted in 3s



·New Game Mode - Reincarnation

Unlock Requirement: Clear Nightmare difficulty once

Each time you finish the Reincarnation difficulty, you will unlock the next level of Reincarnation. Currently there are 7 levels of Reincarnation.


·There are two new NPCs in Reincarnation:

[Spiritual Remnant]: appear at the entrance of each act in Reincarnation, you can consume soul essences to obtain spiritual blessing which will enhance your attributes

[Phantom Peddler]: randomly appear in stages of Reincarnation, you can consume soul essences to buy enhanced weapons and occult scrolls

·Multiple new random routes are now available in [Longling Tomb], [Anxi Desert], [Duo Fjord], [Hyperborean Jokul].



·New Weapons

[Crimson Firescale]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Lizard] 3 times

Type: Rifle

Description: Recharges a firescale bomb on a crit hit.

Weapon Skill: Costs 5 firescale bombs to project multiple explosive fireballs.


[Dual Fang]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Lobster] 2 time.

Type: SMG

Description: After a brief charge up, fires full-auto and alternates shots between corrosion and fire.



Unlock: Kill [Elite Arsonist] 5 times

Type: Pistol

Description: Switch among 3 elements - Fire, Corrosive, Lighting

Weapon Skill: Fires multiple talismans consecutively.


[Bloody Drill]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Yaksha] 5 times.

Type: Sniper Rifle

Description: Bullets will penetrate enemies, causing a continuous bleeding effect which constantly drains HP on hit.


[Poisonous Ghost]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Catfish Warrior] 5 times

Type: Melee Weapon

Description: +1 Blade Wave charge when you hit enemies 12 times within 10s.

Weapon Skill: Releases a blade wave that penetrates enemies. The higher the enemy's current total HP, the greater the DMG dealt.


·Elemental Effect Mechanism Adjustments

1. Triggering Shock effect no longer deals extra damage to random nearby enemies.

2. Explosion effect adjust to: Explosion effect deals 200% DMG to the target, and deals 100% DMG to nearby enemies within 5m. Explosion effect can be triggered up to 1 time for every 0.12 seconds.

3. Miasma effect adjust to single target damage.


·Optimized the firing logic of [Dragonchaser], [Rainbow] when the mark is launched: When the auto fire mode is applied, land a mark on enemy will trigger the auto fire.

Occult Scroll

·New Occult Scrolls

[Evil-Devouring Sword]

Unlock: Default

Quality: Normal

Effect: For every cursed scroll you own, gain +15% weapon DMG and +20% skill DMG


[No Retreat]

Unlock: Default

Quality: Normal

Effect: +50% Weapon DMG when secondary skill count is 0. Persists 12s above 0


[Good and Evil]

Unlock: Default

Quality: Normal

Effect: +15% Lucky shot chance if you don't own any cursed scroll; +15 max shield/armor for each cursed scroll you own


[Rich's Privileges]

Unlock: Default

Quality: Legend

Effect: Every time your skill deals DMG, it will inflict additional skill DMG based on how much copper you currently own. (For each enemy, the additional skill DMG occurs up to 1 time every 3s.)


[Surprise Bonus]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Monk] 3 times

Quality: Rare

Effect: There's a 15% chance to +100% DMG dealt when dealing Skill DMG.


[Sucker Punch]

Unlock: Kill [Abyssal Serpent] 3 times

Quality: Normal

Effect: +45% Skill DMG to enemies with more than 75% HP


[Enduring Caster]

Unlock: Kill [Elite Kappa] 3 times

Quality: Normal

Effect: +1% skill DMG for every 5 total max HP you currently have.


·Scroll Adjustment

Effect Adjustment

[Flesh and Bones]

Old: Convert Shield/Armor to HP and +2% Max HP/s

New: Convert Shield/Armor to HP and +4% Max HP/s


[Merciless Combo]

Old: +10% weapon DMG for 1s whenever hitting the enemy (Can be stacked up to 100 times).

New: +15% weapon DMG for 2s when hitting the enemy (up to 50 stacks).


[Sanguine Relic]

Old: +50% DMG taken; +3% Life Steal

New:  +3% Life Steal, +50% Max HP. +50% DMG taken


[Terminal Iucidity]

Old: Reset the cooldown of all skills when you lose 20% Max HP(or more) in a single hit

New: Reset the cooldown of all skills and temporarily gain 1 Primary Skill charge (cannot be stacked), when you lose over 20% Max HP in a single hit.


[Energy Sandals]

Old: Store 12 points of energy for each Dash, and consume all energy when using secondary skill. +1% skill DMG when consuming each point of energy (max 600 points)

New: Dash stacks 24 energy. Using Primary or Secondary Skill consumes all energy and increase Skill DMG. +1% Skill DMG for each energy consumed. (Up to 600 energy can be stacked).


[Skill Booster]

Old: Store 2 point of energy for each Crit, and consume all energy when using secondary skill. +1% skill DMG when consuming each point of energy (max 500 points)

New: Crit Hit stacks 4 energies. Using Primary or Secondary Skill consumes all energies and increase Skill DMG. +1% Skill DMG for each energy consumed. (Up to 500 energy can be stacked).


[Heavy Shield]

Old: -10% Movement Speed; there is a 50% chance to negate normal DMG when being hit.

New: When hit by enemies, -10% Movement Speed for 10s. 40% chance to immune to all DMG (25% from Elite and Boss).


[Elemental Bestowment]

Old: Recover 1% Max HP and 10 ammo of the equipped weapon whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect

New: Recover 1% Max HP and 5 ammo of the currently used weapon whenever you deal Elemental Effect to enemies


[Perfect Sixth]

Old: Every sixth shot gains +50% DMG (Count is reset when reloading).

New:  Every sixth shots gain +80% DMG (Count is reset when reloading).


Quality Adjustments:


Degraded from Legend to Rare:

[Blazing Hoop], [Magnetic Coil], [Realm of Corrosion], [Elemental Weave], [Fountain of Life], [Reinforced Eggshell], [Safety Measures], [Sanguine Relic]


Degraded from Rare to Normal:

[Mutual Respect], [Generosity], [Field Support], [Elemental Relic], [Elemental Cube], [Skateboarder], [Fast-Loader], [Terminal Iucidity], [Rock-Hard Determination], [Energy Sandals], [Skill Booster], [Genesis], [Ammo Recoverer], [Magic Magazine], [Lone Ranger]


Upgraded from Normal to Rare:

[Flesh and Bones], [Propulsion Device]


Upgraded from Rare to Legend:

[Deadly Counter], [Merciless Combo]


Upgraded from Normal to Legend:

[Elemental Power]



·[Elite Lobster] Update

1. New Spawn Skill: When the Elite Lobster spawn, it launches a random bombing to the in-combat players in a certain range.

2. The mortar attack times decreased from 7 to 4.

3. Fixed an issue that the attack animation is unsynchronized

·Optimized the chaser projectile of [Longbowman] and [Bandit Retainer]. Now the steering speed is decreased when the chaser is close to the player.


Daily Challenge

·Add exclusive bonus effect for players at Lv35 to Lv80. The effect strength is related to the level.



·Feedback function updated

·Added the transparency of combat button for controllers.

·Ascension’s level is now shown in the end interface and record interface.

·Added the avatar for [Tao], [Golem], [Wind God], [Abyssal Serpent], and [Pole Monarch].

·Added the frame [Sword Dance].



·Added the correspondent cast and hit sound effects for Elemental Orbs with different elements.

·Fixed an issue that the sound effect of Pole Monarch’s skill does not match with the animation.



·Nickname change function is now available

·Saving function updated:

1. Uploading save data to the cloud while defeating the Boss, will retain the dropped loots.

2. Back to the lobby while being knocked down, will end the current game immediately.

·Now the message received during the offline can be reserved.

·Now in the co-op, the downed player can walk through the blockade to the next area as well.

·<b>New Achievement
Victory of Tao: Win a game as Tao.
Sword Storm: With Tao, summon more than 10,000 flying swords.Sword Dance:Summon at least 45 flying swords in a single [Swords Out].
Fully in Control:Complete any reincarnation difficulty without ever purchasing any spiritual blessing.
Erudition: Encounter all elite monsters.

Painting Master: Unlock all monsters in the logbook.


Bug Fixes

·Fixed an issue that voice chat may cause game crash, abnormal volume and other problems.  

·Fixed an issue that buttons may inappropriately trigger the steering.

·Fixed an issue that in certain scenes, players may get stuck or clipping.

·Fixed an issue that the Immortal affix causes lasting visual effect.

·Fixed an issue that the weapon summoned by [Pole Monarch] may not disappear properly.

·Fixed an issue that when repeatedly picking up [Paranormality] and [Flesh and Bones] causes the HP disturbance.

·Fixed an issue that the interface of loot may not disappear properly.

·Fixed an issue that the visual effect is incorrectly displayed when enemy is defeated.

·Fixed an issue that some functions are not properly changed after the key binding customization of controllers.


7/15 Additional Update:
·Added a triggering effect for spiritual blessing [Fake Death].
·Fixed an issue that the game cannot properly load-in, when select the spiritual blessing [Eye of Providence] and continue the game from the lobby.
·Fixed an issue that [Glimmering] cannot properly causes the additional explosion.
·Fixed an issue that one vault portal cannot be interacted properly in [Hyperborean Jokul - Stage 2] 
·Fixed an issue that the achievement [Painting Master] cannot be completed.

7/20 Additional Update:
·We have fixed the problem of the iOS users could not purchase the hero [Tao] under certain circumstances.


Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements.Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through random levels and pick up randomly dropped weapons.
You can play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players (4-player co-op).Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience.You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s many levels.