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Update Notes-July 28


What’s up, folks!
In this update, we will bring you the new paid hero [Nona] and two new options of [Bizarre Dream]: [Transcendent Arsenal] and [Ascension Fusion]. Besides, there will be three new weapons you can use: [Radioactive Gauntlet], [Wolf Gaze] and [Jet Octopus]; some brand new occult scrolls, weapon Inscriptions, a large number of monster scrolls and adjustment to part of scrolls and inscriptions. In addition, we also iterate the gameplay of [Qing Yan]. 
Hope all of you could enjoy this new content!

--- Gunfire Studio


New Hero: [Nona]
Adorable, Agile and Talented.
Nona, who still retains a touch of innocence, has already constructed the outstanding mecha called 'Iron Wing'. Based on its different core operation systems, Iron Wing can rush into the battlefield for close-quarters combat with enemies, or hold its position and transform into a turret for shooting at enemies. Besides her expertise in mechanical skills, she is also pro in forging meticulously crafted pistol.
Skills of [Nona]
Primary Skill: [Mecha Drop]/[Redeployment]
Primary skill will be switched based on battle mode of Iron Wing
[Mecha Drop]: Iron Wing - Strike Mode charges into the target location, dealing 150% normal damage to enemies and taunting them for 3s within a 10m radius. 
[Redeployment]: Iron Wing - Fire Mode deploys in a defensive position at the target location.
Secondary Skill: [Hardwood Missile]
Fires a missile that explodes upon impact, dealing 400 DMG to all enemies within a 4m radius. Hitting on Iron Wing regenerates 20% of its HP.

Exclusive Blessing:
[Pair of Us]: Iron Wing will not be knocked down as long as Nona is standing. +1% DMG for each 1 HP Iron Wing currently has.
[Fire Coverage]: +50% Missile DMG for 5s for each missile launched by Nona and Iron Wing (up to 20 stacks). Use [Redeployment] to gain 4 additional stacks immediately.
[Same Boat]: 30% of the DMG taken by Nona is shared with Iron Wing. For 5s after Iron Wing deals DMG to an enemy, +3x Weapon CritX and +150% Weapon DMG for Nona when attacking the same enemy. For 5s after Nona deals damage to an enemy, Iron Wing - Strike Mode/ Fire Mode will regenerate 10%/5% HP when attacking the same enemy.
[Mecha Crash]: Mecha Drop] deals extra DMG that is equivalent to Nona's Weapon DMG. -1s cooldown of [Mecha Drop] when reloading. +300% total DMG of next [Mecha Drop] after casting it 2 times.

Exclusive Spiritual Link 
[Armor Modification]: +50% Max HP of Iron Wing
[Harder Missiles]: There is a 33% to deal 200% DMG of [Hardwood Missile]
[Restart Shot]: When using a pistol, Grant the first shot a crit hit after reloading
[Strike Evolution]: -4s cooldown of [Charging Crush]
[Fear of Chick]: After Iron Wing deals DMG to enemies, +50% Crit DMG to them dealt by Nona, -50% DMG they dealt. Effects last for 5s.

New Weapons:
[Jet Octopus]
Type: Spray Weapon
Dual-Wield: Support
Description: Absorb energy from enemies within a cone-shaped area in the front. 
Skill: Consume energy to shoot water column.
It can switch between absorbing mode and shooting mode at will
Unlock: Initial Unlock
[Radioactive Gauntlet]
Type: Injectors
Description: Fire a corrosive laser that auto-locks onto a nearby enemy. Activate enhanced laser after hitting enemies 13 times.
Skill: Fire enhanced laser. Refract the laser to 3 nearby enemies within 6m. +50% Lucky Shot Chance in the duration of the weapon skill only if activated manually within 2s after the skill is charged.
Unlock: Defeat [Venomous Lizard] 20 times by corrosion DMG
[Wolf Gaze]
Type: Submachine gun
Dual-Wield: Support
Description: Hitting on enemies applies a stack of "Voracity". At 6 stacks, trigger higher damage and apply a stack of "Howl".
Skill: Hitting on enemies applies a stack of "Voracity". At 3 stacks, trigger to scatter projectiles in surrounding area which can apply stacks of "Voracity".
Unlock: Initial Unlock

Bizarre Dream
New Options
·[Transcendent Arsenal]: Players will encounter Arsenal Guard after completing the Vault of scene 3 and 4 or defeating the Pole Monarch. At this moment, they can entrust weapons collected during their adventure to the guard. In the next round, when they encounter the same Arsenal Guard again, they can retrieve the weapons for use. Meanwhile, each Vault will become more perilous, with the appearance of the Demonic Aura Diffusion. To facilitate weapon collection, players' backpacks will be expanded with three additional slots for storing backup arms. When they come across a weapon they wish to collect, they can interact with it and drag it into the designated area on the left to place it in the backup slots. Additionally, in the preparation interface, players can view other players' collections of weapons.
·[Ascension Fusion]: In the BOSS stage of the Longling Tomb, players can choose ascensions of other heroes, and then upgrade through Golden Goblet. There are 29 available ascensions right now, every time players have 6 ascension options and they can choose maximum 2 among these choices. 

New [Spiritual Link]
·[Pro Aid]
Effect: -30% revive time when reviving teammates.

Occult Scrolls Updates of [Interdependent Fortunes]
50 New-added Monster Scrolls and adjustments on effects of some Monster Scrolls:
·[Penetration Bullet]
New: Deal extra 33% True DMG based on Shield/Armor capacity and the DMG is only effective to Shield/Armor.
·[Phantom Skin]
New: Gain 1 stack of Phantom Skin every 6s. The stack is consumed whenever you take DMG, restoring 30% of your Shield/Armor (Effects on elite enemies are reduced by 80%). The monster can only have up to 3 stacks of Phantom Skin at any given time.
·[Sanguine Relic]
New: +3% Life Steal, +50% Max HP. +50% DMG taken (Effects on elite enemy are reduced by 80%). Trigger once in 1s.
·[Resilient Life]
New: After taking DMG, restore 3% HP per second for 5s (Effects on elite enemy are reduced by 80%). Trigger once in 10s.
·[Thorny Carapace]
New: Inflict the Decay Effect on the corresponding player when taking DMG (Trigger once in 8s). Dash in 4s will remove decay effect.

Interface UI
· New [Adventure Handbook]: Tap the button on the main screen or preparation room and find the explanation of basic settings.

[Qing Yan] iteration
·[Gigantic Explosion]
New: +2/4/6m displacement range and AoE of Leap. +20% Leap DMG for each enemy within the range of Leap.
·[Iron Scud]
New: -20/40/60% Cooldown and have a 30% chance to reset Cooldown. After using Leap, +30/60/100 max Shield for 7s.
·[All or Nothing](remove)
Effect: When hitting an enemy with Leap, consume all of your armor to increase the Leap DMG by 1.2% per consumed Armor point.
·[Unstoppable Momentum](new-added)
Effect:+5% total Leap DMG for 1m displacement of Leap.
·[Fully Equipped]
New: After a Leap, +75/100/150% weapon and Skill DMG for 6/6/10s. Each enemy hit by a shot during this period restores 1/2/3 point of Armor (up to 12/18/24 HP/s).
·[Victory Rush]
New: The more hits a single shot causes, the greater the increase in Weapon DMG.
Level 1: +20%/40%/60% Weapon DMG for 5s when the number of hits caused by a single shot is greater than or equal to 1/4/8.
Level 2: +40%/80%/120% Weapon DMG for 5s when the number of hits caused by a single shot is greater than or equal to 1/3/6.
Level 3: +60%/120%/180% Weapon DMG for 10s when the number of hits caused by a single shot is greater than or equal to 1/2/4.
·[Death Mark]
New: +20/40/60% DMG on the enemy for the current and next 4 hits with Cleave. +300/400/500 Cleave base DMG for 6/6/10s upon defeating this enemy during this period.
·[Defensive Cleave]
New: Each hit with Cleave restores 10/20/30% Armor and -1/1.5/2s remaining cooldown of Leap.
·[Nova Shockwave]
New: Gain 1 stack of "Nova Shockwave" for hitting an enemy with a shot. Each stack +1 max Armor for 9s (Up to 100 stacks). When your Armor breaks, deal DMG to nearby enemies equal to 50 times the max Armor. When "Nova Shockwave" reaches the stacks of 100, using Cleave will consume all the stacks of Armor and Shield.
·Assist can also trigger the effect of [Easy Kill] and [Death Mark]. 

Spiritual Link: 
·[Army Breaker]
New: All or Nothing +5% Leap DMG for each point of consumed Armor.
·[Heart Piercer]
- 0.2s → -0.1s cooldown for Spiritual Blessing [Double Tap].

[Xing Zhe] Adjustment
·Adjust the special effect of [Soul Strike] to the shotgun
New: +25% Projectiles of every [Cudgel].

Spiritual Blessing
New-added Blessing
·[Scrolls Master]
Immediately obtain 3 random and enhanced scrolls which can be combined as spiritual link once choosing this spiritual blessing. 
Tips: This spiritual blessing only can be acquired at the Entrance of scene 2, 3 and 4 with the option [Bizarre Dream - Spiritual Link] being selected.
·[Want Them All]
Soul Strike can obtain both bonus effects of weapon in hand and backpack.
Spiritual Blessing Adjustment
·[First Strike] and [Battle Scarred] are adjusted from Exclusive to Common.
·[Unstoppable Momentum] (Remove)
Effect: For each enemy hit by a Leap, +100% next Leap base DMG and gain a 5% chance to reset the cooldown (up to 10 stacks). Removes all stacks on a miss.
·[All or Nothing] (New-added)
Effect: Consume all of Armor when hitting an enemy with Leap. +4% Leap DMG for each point of consumed Armor. -1s remaining Cooldown of Leap for every 10 points of Armor consumed.
·[Double Tap] 
Deal extra normal damage based on Base Weapon DMG once when dealing Weapon DMG to enemies.CD 0.5S→0.3s.
·[Bladed Cleave]
DMG of defeating enemies with low HP immediately will also count in DMG stats

Other Optimization
·Spiritual Remnant will not deliver the same option as the previous one when refreshing.

Inscription Adjustment
·Optimized the rule of reforging Gemini Inscription.
·New-added Inscription:
(1) (Gemini) Magazine capacity is fixed at 1. +50% total Weapon DMG when reloading (Up to 150%). -50% reloading time when base DMG of held weapon is greater than the other weapon; +70% chance to Lucky Shot when base DMG of held weapon is less than the other weapon.
(2) (Common Exclusive) +1.2% base Weapon DMG in 3s for every projectile hitting on enemies.
(3) ([Porcupine] Exclusive) +2% chance to Lucky Shot in the next period of time for every DMG dealt by Weapon Skill.
(4) ([Porcupine] Exclusive) Accumulate stacks when projectile hitting enemies. When stacks reach 25, a certain number of projects will be generated to attack the target.

Other Adjustment
· The level of [Foundry] will not be affected by the provisional level.

Occult Scrolls
New-added Occult Scrolls
·[Piercing Bullet]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: After dealing Weapon DMG to an enemy, +40% Skill DMG against that enemy for 5s
·[Normal Ammo]
Unlock: Defeat [Catfish Warrior] 30 times
Effect: -100% extra ammo of other types when shooting with normal ammo weapons. +30% Weapon DMG for each extra ammo consumed in this shooting
·[Large Ammo]
Unlock: Defeat [Kappa] 20 times
Effect: -100% extra special ammo when shooting with large ammo weapons. +0.5x CritX for each extra ammo consumed in this shooting
·[Special Ammo]
Unlock: Defeat [Yaksha of the Seas] 15 times
Effect: -400% extra large ammo when shooting with special ammo weapons. +12% Lucky Shot Chance for each extra ammo consumed in this shooting
·[Connected Mind]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: When using the same weapon type with a teammate, +10% Weapon DMG; when using the same weapon with a teammate, +10% additional Weapon DMG
·[Take it all]
Unlock: Defeat [Elite Lobster] 3 times
Effect: You can select all options in Mysterious Chest. But you can no longer discard scrolls anymore. (cannot be discarded)
·[Nirvana Force]
Unlock: Defeat [Elite Lobster] 3 times
Effect: While knocked down, deals damage to enemies within an 8m radius per second (damage increases with lower max HP); +15% teammates movement speed and -30% revive time
·[Concurrent Cooldown]
Unlock: Defeat [White Shark] 15 times
Effect: -10% magazine ammo per second and gains a stack after reloading. Each stack +10% weapon damage. Stops consuming when the magazine is ≤50% or has 1 round left. Stacks reset after reloading
·[Overflowing Waters]
Unlock: Defeat [Elite Yaksha] 3 times
Effect: Consume all when secondary skill count reaches the upper limit. +10% Weapon DMG for each charge consumed (last for 20s)
·[Blessing in Disguise]
Unlock: Defeat [Elite Kappa] 3 times
Effect: Ascension options are fixed at 2. You have 3 chances to select both Ascension options.
·[Lucky Roulette]
Unlock: Defeat [Dragon Qian] 3 times on elite or higher difficulty
Effect: Change the Copper capacity to 9876. When switching stages, change the highest digit of the copper to 1, and then randomly permute the digits
·[Intimidating Presence]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: Defeating an enhanced monster inflicts Manipulation Effect on all monsters within a 7m radius of the defeated monster
·[Explosive Magazine]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: Reloading deals current Weapon DMG to enemies within an 8m radius. For every 0.5s spent reloading, an additional DMG is dealt. (CD: 3s)
·[Masterful Craftsmanship]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: Acquired weapons always have 2 Exclusive Inscriptions. The maximum number of Exclusive Inscriptions is fixed at 2, and the total Inscription upper limit is fixed at 4 (cannot be discarded)
·[Convergent Paths]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: After using a Weapon Skill, +40% Weapon DMG and -25% Skill DMG for 10s. After using the primary skill, +50% Skill DMG and -20% Weapon DMG for 10s. When both effects are active at the same time, the buff effect is doubled, and the debuff effect is removed
·[Iron Circuit]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: -25% DMG taken. -10% additional DMG taken for each teammate carrying the [Iron circuit]. When taking DMG, teammates carrying [Iron circuit] will share 30% of the final DMG. This damage will not knock the teammate down (CD: 5s)
·[Quack Doctor]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: +30% revive time while reviving teammates
·[Stubborn Stance]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: Unable to pick up shared Occult Scrolls from teammates or share Occult Scrolls with teammates
·[Shared Adversity]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: When a teammate acquires a Cursed Scroll, there is a 50% chance to have the same scroll
·[Burden of Solitude]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: Takes DMG equal to 50% of your max HP every 15s if there are no teammates within a 15m radius. This damage will not knock you down
·[Struggle for Independence]
Unlock: Initial Unlock
Effect: -15% final DMG if there are no teammates within a 15m radius.

Effect Adjustment
·[Bloody Ammo]
New: The weapon cannot reload automatically. When the magazine is empty, you can continue to fire, but each extra shot deals DMG to yourself equal to 1% of your total HP.
·[Enhanced·Bloody Ammo]
New: The weapon cannot reload automatically. When the magazine is empty, you can continue to fire, but each extra shot deals DMG to yourself equal to 1% of your total HP, gaining +10% Weapon DMG per shot for 5s (up to +100%).
· [Energy Storage]
New: Primary Skill Capacity +1, but cooldown +30%.
·[Enhanced·Energy Storage]
New: Primary Skill Capacity +2
New: +50% Total DMG dealt when your HP is full.
·[Terminal Lucidity]
New: Reset the cooldown of all skills when losing over 20% Total Max HP in a single hit (CD: 2s)
· [Unfettered Will]
Quality adjusts to [Legendary]
New: +2% weapon DMG for every 100 copper you currently have
· [Advanced Depot]
New: Use reserve ammo first rather than a magazine when shooting. There is a 50% chance to consume double ammo.
· [Shrine of Recovery]
New: After not taking damage for 5s, regenerate 5% max HP per second. Regeneration stops when taking damage, with a maximum of 50% HP regenerated per instance
· [Abundant Vitality]
New: +75% total Weapon DMG during shield recharging. When the shield is fully recharged, the buff effect remains until weapon deals damage.
·[Explosive Bullets]
New: Weapons will cause an additional explosion upon shooting, dealing DMG equivalent to 100% Weapon Base DMG (CD: 2s)
·[Refresh Addict]
New: Merch in the Peddler can be refreshed once more.
·[Evil-Devouring Sword]
New: For every cursed scroll you own, gain +25% Weapon and Skill DMG

·Report Issue is newly added in the lobby and friend interface. Report Improper usernames and statements are supported.

Bug Fixes
·Fixed an issue that the HP gauge of enemies appeared improperly.
·Fixed an issue that players got stuck in some places of [Longling Tomb], [Duo Fjord], [Hyperborean Jokul], [Anxi Desert] and [Snowy Fairyland].
·Fixed an issue that players may not be able to acquire Golden Goblet in [Anxi Desert] and [Hyperborean Jokul].
·Fixed an issue that players could not hit the objects in one place of [Duo Fjord].


Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements.Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through random levels and pick up randomly dropped weapons.
You can play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players (4-player co-op).Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience.You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s many levels.